Editing Services

Every writer needs an editor.

Merrill Perlman wrote an awesome article (complete with pictures) for CNN about the safety net that an editor can provide. Before you send your work into the harsh world of prospective agents, publishers, or readers, let me work with you to give your manuscript the one last look that can save an amazing story from dying an unnecessary death.


My main goal as an editor is to collaborate with you so that your ideas shine as brightly as possible. We both want readers to have the best possible experience when they come to your work.

My areas of expertise include: Christian literature (both fiction and non-fiction), business, children’s books, and general fiction. I do not edit romance novels or erotica.


Chandler Bolt and James Roper, The Productive Person

“Megan did a great job in her edits for our book The Productive Person. She took the time to read through the book so that she understood it from the reader’s perspective. Because of her thoroughness, she was able to deliver a top-notch content and copy edit. She was great to work with and made (and sometimes beat) her deadlines. She also went out of her way to deliver and make our book even better. We’re definitely happy with the job she did for us and we’ll recommend her in the future!”

Katie Kump, Simply Jesus: Because Hindsight Shows You He is All You Ever Needed

“No editor alive today could have been better suited for editing my book than Megan Lawrence. The time she spent familiarizing herself with my writing voice on my blog made her comments and edits invaluable. Her keen perception of what I was trying to say gave her maximum insight into polishing my work. Her feedback was gracious, but also sharp, and her eye for grammar mistakes, formatting inconsistencies, and big picture needs astounded and helped me every single time. She is prompt, generous, and all-around a joy to work with. I could not recommend Megan more highly, and I look forward to working with her again in the future. I hope that will happen very soon!”


Every project is unique. As an editor, I work with each author to find the best option for the amount and kind of editing that a text will need. I think you will find that my rates are quite fair. Please contact me with your questions, and we will get started.

*The Editorial Freelance Association has provided their own rate guide. Feel free to compare industry prices by visiting their site here.

**Another useful rate guide can be found in the 2014 Writer’s Market. Click here for more comparisons.

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