A book to read

Katie Kump is a wonderful woman of God, and she has written a book. I was blessed to have the chance to read a pre-release copy of the book and to offer a few suggestions along the way. As of this week, the book is available on Amazon Kindle.

CLICK HERE to download your copy! It is definitely worth your time.

Katie writes from the heart about the struggles that so many girls go through in their high school, college, and young adult lives. With complete openness and  humility, she talks about boys, love, being loved, making it in the world, and feeling successful. Through the entire book, she points to the true lover of our souls, the only man who can sustain any girl through grief, joy, and life: Jesus. With strong biblical support, she reminds her readers — women she sees as friends — of the truth that sets us free.

I definitely recommend this book for any young woman. Download it, share it, enjoy it. I surely did 🙂