It’s never perfect the first time

As an editor, I would love to think that any text I have scoured will be perfect when I give it back to the author. Yet we all know that nothing is ever quite as perfect as we want it to be.  No matter how many times I review a text, I will always find something to fix.

How did I miss “Spend some time everyday reading this chapter”? Clearly, it should read, “Spend some time every day . . .”

I know that choose and chose are not the same, but I can so easily skip the missing “o.”

I wonder if our ability to miss the same thing twelve times has anything to do with this theory: raeding bteewen the lteters.

Sometimes, I even re-edit my own edits, deciding that they really did sound better before I got to them.

How many times do you review a work before you finally let it go? Do you ever have editor’s remorse (the feeling that you just set a work free that still had too many errors)?