Lastest project!

TODAY, June 17,
FireFall 2.0: How God has shaped history through revivals
has been officially released!


You can purchase the book here.

For a few months, I had the wonderful opportunity to read this book as I provided a light copy-edit for Drs. Alvin Reid and Malcolm McDow. It was an incredible project to work on, as I was challenged and informed while I worked. I was drawn to editing because I love to read and learn, and working on this project reminded me of the blessing it is to be paid to do what I love. Here is a brief review of the book:

In Part I, Dr. Malcolm McDow traces spiritual awakenings from the Old Testament through the early church fathers all the way to the reformation. In Part II, Dr. Alvin Reid continues  to explore spiritual revivals in the modern era, from puritanism to the early 2000s. There is no way that a 300 page book could possibly cover every revival in the history of man, but this book provides a broad look at some of the most influential revival movements in Scripture and protestant history.

Though the first half of the book can be a bit academic at times, Dr. McDow provides a thorough, solid basis for understanding revival Biblically. It is incredible to be able to see how God has been at work since the beginning of time to send His Spirit upon His people and to bring glory to His name! Dr. McDow even provides a brief word-study of the Greek and Hebrew words used to describe revivals throughout the Bible.

When Dr. Reid takes over in the second half of the book, the focus begins to shift as he explains the typical characteristics of revivals and how they have been displayed in various movements in the modern era. As he explains the first and second Great Awakenings and other more localized awakenings, Dr. Reid is careful to describe identifying characteristics of a movement of the Holy Spirit. Though no two awakenings are exactly alike, readers will finish the book with a greater understanding of how to pray and what to be alert for as they seek awakening in their own lives and in the lives of their churches, communities, and world.

As I worked through the book, I began to see why so many evangelicals are holding out hope for a revival in our day and age. I began to pray along with them that God will move among His people. I hope the book will encourage you that the God who created history is still at work in His world today!


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